​1972 Marinus Dedert ​starts together with his wife Jozijna the company Dedert Paktoe in Horst. He developes a machine which produces 100 icesticks of 50 ml at a time. With this machine Dedert still produces their icesticks, of course with the necessary adjustments. 

1979 Due to the growth of the business investements in innovations are made, first a pasteurizer was build. The pasteurizer heats the icesticks, so no preservatives are needed to guarantee a shelf life of at least two and a half years after production date (without the addition of any preservatives).

​​1981 J​anneke van der Meij-Dedert and Alfred van der Meij take the decision to start working at Dedert Paktoe. Alfred has a lot of knowledge on the technical level and Janneke on organizational and staff subjects.

​1983 Because of the growth of the company a second machine is built. This machine produces 60 icesticks in a row. The production of two different icesticks, 40 and 60 ml, is also possible.

​1992 Marinus Dedert ​suddenly passes away during a very hot summer. Dedert Paktoe continues under the leadership of Janneke and Alfred van der Meij-Dedert. The company continues to evolve, for example, the machines are now computer controlled.

​2004 The ​company grows and therefore a renovation takes place with the specific goal to expand the stockroom. Subsequently a higher volume of production is possible, so in the high season enough products are in stock to sell on demand.

​2006 Dedert Paktoe​ wants quality for there customers and IFS certificaton is introduced. This is a quality system to guarantee food safety. The company receives even the 'high level' IFS certification. This high certification is achieved annually and is a reward for all the work.

2010 Dedert Paktoe is ready for the next step; the name is changed in Dedert Icesticks; this name explains more what the company stands for. Also Dedert Icesticks deliberately says goodbye to Haribo. The orders decrease and the margin gets lower. This gives the opportunity to supply the German market directly; this is a good decision. The company starts to grow again. Besides that from this moment on the icesticks are only produced with natural colours and flavours.

​2012 Two out of three daughters, Dominique and Marsha van der Meij, start working at the company to support and to take over the company in the future. With this in mind Alfred takes decisions to invest in automatic control cabinets. Several years in a row technical parts are replaced, so the company is less dependent specific knowledge.

2022 Dedert Icesticks ​celebrates its 50th anniversary. Janneke and Alfred are going to enjoy their well-deserved retirement. The company still works according to Marinus Dedert’s mission and produces a high-quality product for a relatively low price. Dedert Icestick’s team under the leadership of Dominique and Marsha van der Meij guarantees the quality of the icesticks. Every year they produce 130 million icesticks, which are delivered in different countries.