​Dedert Icesticks has been the only icestick producer and supplier in The Netherlands since 1972. Icesticks (freezer pops) are flavoured sleeves which the consumer can freeze and enjoy as a frozen treat. Dedert Icesticks works with different clients in retail, wholesale, supermarkets and businesses.

​As a family company with two executive board members and twelve permanent employees, we stand for:

  • ​offering a trustworthy partnership with you as our client;​
  • ​a high-quality product for a relatively low price;
  • timely delivery;
  • promptness in response to your questions;
  • IFS certified company.

​Dedert Icesticks offers a broad assortment of products with various qualities such as flavour, size, ingredients and appearance, adapted to the needs of the consumer.
Additionally, we offer you the possibility of Private Label production and Promotion Ice for special promotion goals.​

​Our team is proud of the quality of our products and the bond with our many loyal customers. Direct contact and clear agreements form the basis of our client relations.

​For more information about the history of Dedert Icesticks, see History.​