You can usually find our Icesticks near the fruit and soft drinks in the supermarket, and sometimes by the frozen section.  There are bags with ten freezer pops and blister packs with 15 freezer pops.  You can store these in or outside of your freezer.  Icesticks maintain their delicious flavor for at least two years, whether they are frozen or not.

Flavors and sorts
Icesticks come in all kinds of flavors and sorts, in larger and smaller sizes and with different ingredients, causing the nutritional values to vary.

Below you will find our assortment of Icesticks.  In addition to this assortment we also make other Icesticks based on specific wishes, for example for special events.  You can click on private label under the business tab to see more information.

Would you like to glance at our entire assortment?  Click on Dedert Icestick‚Äôs product overview.