Dedert Icesticks has been in existence since 1972.

1972: Marinus Dedert developed a machine which produced 100 Icesticks at a time. He started the company Dedert Paktoe with his wife.
1979: Due to the growth of the business the machine was further developed. Because of this Dedert Paktoe could then pasteurize the freezer pops. The pasteurized Icesticks have a shelf life of at least two years without the addition of any preservatives.
1992: Marinus Dedert passed away. Dedert Paktoe continues under the leadership of Janneke and Alfred van der Meij-Dedert, who had been working in the company for years.
1992-present: The company continues to evolve. For example, the machines are now computer controlled.
2006-present: Dedert Paktoe became food safety certified.  The company received the ‘high level’ IFS certification. This means that the work is done following quality system procedures, the production process is monitored and that the product is safe. Present: Dedert Paktoe, now named Dedert Icesticks, still works according to Marinus Dedert’s mission.  The company makes a high-quality product for a relatively low price.  Dedert Icestick’s team guarantees the quality of the freezer pops.