Dedert Icesticks stands for products of the best quality:
  • The best ingredients!  Ingredients which are allowed by European legislation.
  • No unnecessary ingredients! Our freezer pops all contain: 0% fat, no preservatives, no gluten, lactose or milk proteins, no traces of nuts (including peanuts), no saltand only legally approved safe coloring. There are also Icesticks without sugar or coloring.
  • Safe production! We make the Icesticks with modern methods and techniques. We continuously monitor the whole production process for quality. For this we have been granted a ‘high level’ IFS certification.     
  • Pasteurized freezer pops!  The Icesticks are completely pasteurized, including the packaging. They have a shelf life of at least two years without added preservatives.
  • Appealing environmentally friendly packaging! The Icesticks are packaged in foil with an attractiveprint. This foil is thin and biodegradable, and therefore environmentally friendly.